Pay monthly website design in South Africa

Getting a website built for a low monthly fee just became more affordable!

Considering investing in a website but finding the design costs a bit too high? Oh, well, not anymore. We have made our already low-cost pay monthly website design services in South Africa even more affordable. We present the starter package, the ideal choice for businesses just getting off the ground.

If you want people to find and learn more about your business with a simple one-page website, then this is for you. The most exciting part is that you can get a fully functioning website design for less than R200! It’s nothing more than paying for a hosting package and then having a free website.

smart and affordable web design packages

Pay monthly web design packages

Discover the most affordable monthly payment website design packages in South Africa.

Starter Package

One page website design package is ideal if you want a simple landing page for people to learn more about your business and the products.
R 127
per month
  • Responsive website
  • About us section
  • Services section
  • Testimonials section
  • Gallery section
  • Contact section
  • 5 GB hosting space
  • 6 Months themes and plugins updates

Economy Package

This package is perfect if you want a simple 5 page website. Usually home, about, services, blog and contact us page but it can be any page.
R 270
Per month
  • Responsive website
  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Products or services page
  • Blog or portfolio page
  • Contact page
  • 10 GB hosting space
  • 6 Months theme and plugins updates

Gold Package

Perfect for businesses that have medium to large websites and that require more resources like email accounts, web hosting space and more.
R 370
Per month
  • Responsive website
  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Products or services page
  • Blog or portfolio page
  • Contact page
  • 25 GB hosting space
  • 6 Months themes & plugins updates

Gold Package

Perfect if you have products that you want to sell online. An eCommerce website is any website that integrates with online payments.
R 670
Per month
  • Responsive online store
  • Home page
  • About us page
  • Categories
  • Product pages
  • Online payment gateways
  • Search functionality
  • 6 Months themes & plugins updates

How does pay monthly website design work and why is it so popular in South Africa?

The concept of monthly website design refers to paying a low fee rather than a hefty one-time fee. It is so popular in South Africa because it gives you as a small business owner a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Above all, it makes sense to signup for a monthly web design service because you get continuous updates and maintenance to your site. Keep your website fresh with up-to-date content increases your chances of ranking higher on Google.

How much does website design cost from other web designers in South Africa? From our research we've gathered website design prices in South Africa range from R0.00 to over R100 000. The amount you pay for your website depends on who does it for you and your website design requirements. Other web design companies in South Africa offer their services on month to month basis. So if fixed website design costs are not ideal for you, then monthly pay website design is a better and most affordable solution you can get.

Does it make sense to have a single-page website?

As web designers, we’re usually expected to follow a certain structure when creating a site. For instance, we might include a homepage, contact page, about page, etc. However, not all websites need to follow this format. It is common to design websites that consist of only one page and contain all the information on a single scroll. Single-page sites are admired for their simplicity, efficient user experience and quick mobile speed.

What do you get with our pay monthly web design?

Okay, now for the most exciting part, what can we offer you? Like with all our pay monthly website design packages, the starter package is packed with many benefits like:

Dedicated web designer

Pay monthly web design packages give you access to a designer who is responsible for the design and maintenance of your website. What do we mean by this? When ever you want to update a section of your website or add a webpage, just send an email to your designer. It is advantageous for any business to have a dedicated web designer who can change your website in accordance with the needs of your visitors. Because technology advances at a high rate and the way users interact with your website changes as well.

Web hosting and domain managment

Web hosting and a domain name are essential to ensure you can send on-brand emails and for people to access your website. Nowadays it is common to get website design and web hosting under one roof. It is no different with our recurring monthly website design packages. We’ll ensure your domain never expires and advise you when it’s time to upgrade your web hosting package to meet your business needs.

On going website maintenance

As technology advances so does cybercrime intelligence. Our packages ensure your website’s themes and plugins stay updated to prevent hackers from accessing your website. Although we do our part to keep your site safe from hackers, sometimes they happen to sneak through. And when that happens you need someone who can clean up your site before you lose a lot of potential.

Search engine optiminsation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the most expensive digital marketing methods. With our packages we’ll do your on-page SEO and continue to optimise your content for better results at no extra cost. Keep in mind for the most effective results we recommend hiring an SEO agency to perform a full campaign. We’ll do our part to optimise your website to perform better.

Here are the features of your one-page website design

Our web design services integrate fully with a broader digital marketing strategy for your business. This allows your brand to attract more relevant website visitors, and convert them into customer leads. With affordable website design prices as low as R1270, you can not continue to lose business to your competitors.

About us section

Share a story about your business and your value proposition in this section. Your value proposition is what sells your business to the client. Each visitor to your website is an opportunity to make business, so make it count.

Services section

People visit your website to discover what it is that you offer. The services section tells a visitor about what you do. 

Projects or case study section

Past projects increase chances of winning a customer. You can display images of past projects here or even better share case study details.

Client testimonials or customers reviews

Do you want to display feedback from your customers? You can do so in this part of your website. Whether customers email you their testimonials or you want to display a Google review.

Contact section

Much like a contact us page, this section includes all the ways people can use to contact your business. Due to increasing spam emails, we recommend not to display your email. Instead use a contact form because it is more secure.

So to conclude, if you find pay monthly website design to be a better solution, we’d love to partner with you. It’s easy to get started. Choose a suitable plan and tell us a little bit about your project. Click to see our web design plans.

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