Website Design and Hosting in South Africa

Website Design and Hosting South Africa

Are you looking for affordable website design and web hosting in South Africa?

If you want to build a site and make it accessible on the web, you need a website designer and hosting company. In this article, we’ll cover a couple of things you must know about cheap website design and hosting in South Africa.

First, we will explain what web hosting is. Then explain what hosting companies do and why they’re important to your website. Thereafter, we’ll discuss what the web designer does and how you can get both under one roof. And finally, we will share a list of the 7 best web hosting providers in SA.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows you to make your website accessible on the web. Typically provided by web hosts, who also help you register your domain. Purchasing a hosting plan allocates you a space on the server to store your emails and website files.

What does a hosting company do?

They provide the software and connectivity needed to make your website live. Configuring a web server is very complex. Which is why most people and organisations prefer to host with a hosting provider. Because they employing enough staff to handle all the technicality that comes with setting up and maintaining a server 24/7.

Why are they important to your website?

Web hosting companies have enough capacity to maintain and keep servers running 24 hrs, 7 days a week and all year long. Which in this case it would be difficult for you to do. They also offer additional addons like SSL certificates that enhance security on your website.

What are the available hosting options?

Well, there are various types of hosting options to choose from. But we’ll focus on the two most common ones: shared web hosting and WordPress hosting.

Shared web hosting

A shared web hosting is space on one server shared by multiple users. Many bloggers and small business owners prefer its affordability.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting provides dedicated support and a range of service options for the growth of a WordPress powered site.

Why do you need the services of a web designer?

Your website is often the place where people first meet your brand and form a first and lasting impression—so you can not ignore its importance.

Since the web design industry is constantly evolving, it’s worthwhile working with an expert as early as possible to ensure a firm footing for your first steps towards digital success.

And if you’re looking for website design in Johannesburg, you can still hire a web designer in Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa. The most important thing here is to hire a web design company that can help you design your desired website.

Is it advisable to get website design and hosting in one place?

There’s no right or wrong answer here. It all comes down to your needs. For example, you might want website design and hosting from one service provider to minimise costs. Another instance to use the same service provider is to make things easier for you.

Are there any companies that offer both website design and hosting?

Yes, it’s easier in South Africa to find website design and hosting under one roof. For instance, we’re one good example of a web design company that offer both services.

We help you minimise costs that are related to the design and maintenance of your site by combing them into one monthly web design package.

Which are the top 7 web hosting providers in South Africa?


Xneelo is a reliable hosting provider with a stable network and quick support, they ensure that your site loads faster and is always up.


Everything you need to get online is available at 1-grid. Expert web hosting, WordPress solutions, DIY Web Builders and much more.


You can count on Hostking for premium web hosting in South Africa with guaranteed 99.9% uptime, affordable hosting plans starting at R44.25 p/m and a free domain.


Another premium provider of shared web hosting, reseller hosting and virtual server hosting (VPS Hosting), Elitehost offers affordable prices.


With Mweb it’s easier to get online. They provide website hosting and give you access to their free Website Self Build tool, so that you can easily build and publish a basic website.


Afrihost is another South African Internet Service Provider providing a number of services, including ADSL broadband, fibre, fixed wireless, mobile services and web hosting.


A well established hosting business providing VPS (Virtual Private Server), Domain names, Web Hosting , Reseller Hosting and Cloud solutions, Hostafrica has servers based in South Africa and around the globe.

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