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Website design Cape Town prices starting at R1270 once-off or R127 per month. Get started today.

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Website design Cape Town prices

Which website design pricing option fits your Cape Town business's needs?

Choosing a pricing option for your small business’ website design can be daunting. First consider what you do and set measurable goals for the website.
Let’s say for instance you sell organic hair products. In this case your website will require constant product updates. Give it some thought whether you will have the time to do all this work yourself or should you consider an ongoing website solution.
Here’s another example: you offer professional dentistry services and want to increase your brand awareness near Cape Town through your website. In this scenario, you have two options; hire an SEO agency or sign up for a monthly web design service. 
Our monthly website design services include on-going support, on-page website optimisation as well as 1 hour monthly maintenance. So, you can write blogs to target specific search terms and we will take care of their optimisation. This is a viable option if your budget is limited to hire SEO experts.
When is it most appropriate to use a once-off web design plan?
There are cases where paying for a monthly web design does not make sense. For example, a landing page for an event website like wedding RSVPs. Or if you know you won’t require updates other than themes and plugins which can be automated in WordPress.
So, the key takeaway here is that when deciding on a web design pricing model take into consideration what you do and your website goals. We offer website design prices Cape Town entrepreneurs can afford, whether on a monthly or one-time basis

Does the once-off website price include a domain and hosting?

In short yes. For the first year we’ll cover the domain registration and hosting. Thereafter domain and hosting renewal fees will be handled by you. To ensure your domain does not expire, we issue the notice within 30 days.

For a once-off option, how much is a one-page website?

The one page website price is R1270 once off. It includes a domain registration and hosting for the first year. The domain renews every 12 months for R95. And the hosting renews at R99 per month.

We offer more than affordable website design prices in Cape Town; we create memorable experiences.

Creating a website for your business involves more than just marketing. Your website says all the positive things a prospect wants to hear about your business before they decide to work with you or not.

Here at Company Web Design, we know first impressions count. This is why we value both design and website performance. For businesses today, on-going website support isn’t an option, it’s a requirement.

As technology evolves and consumer behaviors change, so too does our approach to web design. You can never build a successful website without research and data. Our tracking software collects data about your website’s performance and user behavior so that we can continuously improve your website.

Collecting meaningful website data takes time, especially if you don’t have money to spend on PPC campaigns. In order to measure the performance of your website, you need people to visit it. SEO and PPC don’t get cheaper so by partnering with us you can improve your website’s performance over time.

Websites built using WordPress for an incredibly low price in Cape Town.

About 50% of all websites run on WordPress. It’s possible to build any kind of website you can imagine with WordPress, from a one-page startup website to an e-commerce website to a Fortune 500 company.

A second reason we choose WordPress for our content management system (CMS) of choice is the visual website building experience that allows us to build pixel-perfect layouts faster.

Furthermore, our ability to design premium websites in record time means we can offer you significantly lower website design prices than other Cape Town web design companies.

We offer flexible pricing options for ecommerce and professional services in Cape Town.

There is a lot of business carried on in Cape Town, as well as a lot of competition. But thanks to digital marketing, through web design small businesses can thrive. It all begins with a website design that supports your business goals.

We have affordable web design prices in Cape Town that allow you to take your marketing online. Our web design and search engine optimization experience will help you build a website that supports your small business marketing goals.

No matter if you run a service-based business or sell products, we have an affordable solution that’s right for you.

The prices for our ecommerce website designs are affordable no matter what products you sell. From a single product to a full online store, click to see our ecommerce web design prices.

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