Monthly Website Design Packages a Better and Scalable Service for Small Businesses

Website Design Monthly Packages

Do you know what website design monthly packages refers to?

Nowadays, if you run a business you need a website to help you get the word out there to reach as many people as you possibly can.

A website comes with costs that you simply can not avoid like domain registration, web hosting, design and maintenance.

If you like many small business owners in South Africa you might be wondering if it is better to choose website design monthly packages or a once-off deal. Paying each month for a website might sound expensive but it isn’t. Pay monthly website packages combines all your website costs into one affordable package.

With that said, you can focus on running your business knowing you have professional website designers taking care of your website. Maintaining a website ensuring that all the themes, plugins and scripts are up to date is very important in order to keep your web visitors safe and to avoid Google penalties.

Content management systems like WordPress make it easier to manage a website and performing updates. But this is not usually a smooth process since some plugins and themes tend to conflict after certain updates. And this is where you will realise you need professional help.

So if you have paid a once-off deal to your web design company, you will have to pay them again to help you recover your website. But if you opted for website design monthly packages there will be no surprise invoices, your website designer will resolve any issues before you even notice sometimes.

So what makes website design monthly packages in South Africa a better choice for you as a small business owner?

Unless you have a budget to hire a digital marketing agency for your website, our website design monthly packages include an ongoing SEO – meaning we will work to increase your company’s visibility in Google search.

Why do we offer to do search engine optimization for our client’s websites? We understand that most of your clients search for service providers like you on Google. So if your website shows up for some of their search terms then you have a good chance of getting new customer leads.

1. On-going search engine optimisation

Like I mentioned above, SEO is important to ensure that your website can be found for some keywords in Google search results. While you cannot afford to hire an SEO company, we can perform some of the SEO tasks to increase the number of visible web pages on Google.

2. Reduce website-related costs

By taking a pay monthly web design service you can reduce your website’s cost by up to 50%. This is why we offer an ongoing service to ensure your website is always up and that you can reduce the budget for the website.

3. Dedicated website designer

You can have your web designer ready to assist from as little as R270pm. Depending on the package you’re on, you will be allocated up to 2hrs per month which you can use to update or add new pages to your site.

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